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Camp Jane Characters

Having a hard time keep up with which person is portraying
a character from a Jane Austen novel in the Camp Jane series?
You've come to the right place!

Pride and Prejudice

Lady Catherine
de Bourgh

(bossy aunt)

Edith Pelletucci,
Owner of the Regency Resort

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Bennet

(sister #2)

Maggie Argyle
of Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Collins

(cousin & silly vicar)

Godfrey Winsor DuPêne
of Jamaica & Miami, Florida

Caroline Bingley

(Charles’ snobby sister)

Chloe Arbuthnot of Birdland

George Wickham

(handsome villain)

Gene Warshofski
of Scarsdale, New York

Mr. and Mrs.

(parents of 5 daughters)

The Dalrymples,
Brisbane, Australia

Mary & Kitty Bennet

(sisters #3&4)

Tiff and Tina DeStefano
(not necessarily in that order)

Charlotte Lucas

(pragmatic friend)

Angela Pelletucci,

niece & right hand to Edith   

Mr. and Mrs. Hurst

(Charles’ other sis and bro-in-law)

Pelletucci Family Staffers

Uncle and Aunt Gardiner

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stefano, brother-in-law and sister of Edith Pelletucci, parents of Tiff and Tina


(sister #1)

Jerri Lyn Parker

of Oklahoma

Lydia Bennet

(sister #5)

Unknown, missed deadline for submission of real name

Charles Bingley

(Jane’s suitor)

Casey Barmettler

of Indiana

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy

(Lizzy’s socially awkward suitor)

Will Arlington of Napa, California

Northanger Abbey

Henry Tilney

Catherine Morland

John Thorpe

Isabella Thorpe

(suitor of Catherine)

Ian Harry Tidball of London, UK

(shy heroine)

Katie Morales of
near-but-not-in Dallas, Texas

(blustery suitor)

Jimmy Tarkissian

of New Jersey

(John's sister)

Cynthia Arbuthnot, Chloe’s slightly less birdy sister

Sense and Sensibility

Elinor Dashwood

Marianne Dashwood

Edward Ferrars

Colonel Brandon

(rational “sense” sister)

Girija Singh of New Delhi, India

(emotional “sensibility” sister)

Vanaja Singh of New Delhi

(suitor of Elinor)

Evelyn “Cal” Falconer

of Gretna Green, Scotland

(suitor of Marianne)

Lionel Bell, U.S. Army (ret.)

of Detroit, Michigan

John Willoughby

Anne and Lucy Steele

(handsome villain)

Car Salesman and Poet

from Kansas City, Missouri

(two giggling girls)

Two giggling girls 


Emma Woodhouse

George Knightley

Mr. Henry Woodhouse

Frank Churchill

(bossy heroine)

Helena Woolcott

of Los Angeles, California

(her much-older suitor)

Geoff Kingsley of Sussex, UK

(Emma’s hypochondriac father)

Maggie’s charades partner

(handsome neighbor )

Unnamed Winner

Miss Bates


Cecelia DeStefano, cousin

and best friends with Tiff & Tina

Jane Fairfax

(practically perfect)

Staffer Sung-mi Park,

The Juilliard School, New York City


Anne Elliot

Capt. Frederick Wentworth

Musgrove sisters

William Elliot

(shy heroine)

Sarina or Sarita Something

(her shy suitor)

Too shy to say his real name

(silly girls)

Unnamed Winners

(handsome villain)

Tommy DeStefano,
Tiff & Tina’s creepy brother 

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