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Q: Is my story good enough for a book?

A: The answer is YES! Many times potential clients call and want to tell me about their story. Their question often is, "Is this good enough to make into a book?" The answer is always yes. Not that I don't want to hear your story, I do! But here at Bookmybio we firmly believe that everyone's story, if told in the right way and with the right voice, makes interesting reading.

Q: How will the process work?


A: Our basic service involves three telephone interviews lasting about an hour each. We turn those interviews into a narrative and send it to you, usually via e-mail. You have the right to edit that narrative as you see fit. Once the narrative is approved, we format it into a book, adding the pictures you have chosen (20 for our basic service) and custom design your cover. Then you receive a proof copy of the book. Once that is approved, we publish your final copy and send it to you.

Q: Where do you live? Can you interview me face-to-face?

A: I live in Lawton, a city of about 100,000 in the southwestern corner of Oklahoma, which is probably not where you live. Most clients find that a telephone interview is the best way to get their story. We can also contact you via FaceTime or Skype if you prefer a more face-to-face experience. 


Q: How much will it cost? 


A: Our basic service involves a book of about 50 pages created in three interview sessions and costs $595. Extra interview sessions expand the book proportionately and cost $150 each ($10 per page). 


Q: Do you write books that aren’t biographies?


A: We have had clients who wanted to write how-to books and fiction. Our passion is helping people record their story, and for some people a work of fiction or a more technical book is the story that they want written. We welcome all projects. 


Q: How do we start?


A: Email us at and give us your name and street address. We will send you our standard contract. Once the agreed-upon down payment is made we can make an appointment to get started. We can talk via telephone at 580-574-8522 or by Skype or FaceTime.

Q: Do I have to make the entire payment upfront?


A: No. We ask for half of the estimated cost of the book as a down payment. In the case of our basic service, that would be $300. Each additional interview session would require payment of $299. Final payment is due upon approval of the final draft. Payment can be made by check, credit or debit card, or via PayPal. 
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Q: Who are you?

A: My name is Mike Andrews and I am a former reporter, executive editor and publisher of daily and weekly newspapers in Georgia, North Carolina and Oklahoma. I currently reside in Southwest Oklahoma, but thanks to modern technology I can write your book wherever you may be located. From time to time I may hire a similarly qualified journalist to assist me in the writing process. I firmly believe that the journalist's sense of telling a compelling story in concise language is the key to writing a book that grab's the reader's attention, whether the reader is a family member who gets Grandmother's memoir as a stocking stuffer or a book buyer on Amazon scanning the first chapter to ponder buying your book.

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